About dialogue

This Dialogue is an informal platform that enables you to comment on challenges that affect Jersey, its residents and businesses. You can add suggestions and ideas on how we can make things better, and respond to other people’s comments and views.

To take part, please register by providing a username, your email address and a password. Once registered you can add new ideas, or comment on and rate existing ideas.

You don't have to comment on everything. Look through the ideas and chat about the things that matter to you. Or add your own idea if you feel something is missing.

We will be moderating the comments made using our moderation policy and discussion rules – please read and abide by this.

By sharing your experiences and thoughts on a range of different subjects (we’ll be adding more ‘challenges’ as they arise), you’ll be helping us develop new strategies and policies that better reflect the wishes, needs and aspirations of local residents and businesses.

Got a question for us about Dialogue? Drop us an email at climateemergency@gov.je