Climate paradox

How will we (the human race) ever reduce our impact on nature if we are not prepared to give up many of the things that make our wasteful "lifestyles" ?

The constant pursuit of economic growth is deemed to  be an absolute necessity even though we know that the planet is being harmed and probably damaged beyond repair. The relentless pressure to acquire more "stuff" that we do not really need has trappedd so many of us on the hamster wheel of consumerism. Advertising and marketing methods are little more than the cynical exploitation of the human brains reward system. Virtually everything we do will have an impact on the environment and I do not believe that we are in any way serious about changing our habits of consumption. At the root of the problem is the human ability to live by different stories simultaneously. We can watch a David Attenborough documentary one minute and then forget his concerns about  climate change and calm the nerves with some so called Retail Therapy on Amazon or a drive to the shops. How many of us are really prepared to make the changes that are necessary to make a difference and help repair our ecosystem?

Why the contribution is important

If we don't look after our planet we risk suffering a climate disaster. I fear for the future, for our grandchildren

by TGray on March 07, 2021 at 09:32PM

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