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I know this is related to transport, but it's not "How can we travel differently?" so I thought it would be better here.

Jersey should adopt a Crit'air scheme similar to that used in France.

This would involve each vehicle being assessed by DVS and given a classification based on how polluting it is.

Then the owner would have to buy a sticker from DVS (though could be purchased from Parish Halls as well) that is placed in the window, much like the current insurance discs. Of course, number plate recognition would also work to allow you to pay online or automatic enforcement.

This would allow a number of things:

  • The most polluting vehicles could be banned, except on certain days. This would allow "Classic cars" that cause too much pollution to be removed from the road for most of the year.
  • Certain roads could have Critair bans. I think this would be prudent along green lanes and in school zones. For example there could be signs saying "Critair 6 vehicles banned 8am-4pm Mon-Fri" on school roads such as Tower Road outside First Tower school.
  • Certain parking spaces could be for certain class of vehicles only. I'm thinking all on-street spaces in town and the lower levels of multi storeys (I.e. you can only park on a level that's higher than your Critair rating. If you're Critair 6 you can only park on level 6 or above).
  • Residents parking in St Helier would be more expensive for higher Critair vehicles.
  • The more polluting vehicles could be banned from driving through the town centre during the day, roads like Hill Street or Burrard Street.
  • Eventually would allow for the banning of certain classes of vehicle over time.

J-number vehicles would need to buy an annual Critair pass. Either this would renew yearly e.g. every January, or this would have flexible expiry dates, i.e. you buy it and it's valid for a year.

Non-J number vehicles & Hire cars would be able to buy weekly and monthly passes. For hire cars this would be a new pass for each user.

The more polluting the vehicle, the higher the price. Electric cars would only have a purely administrative fee (though could eventually recuperate the costs of fuel duty losses, for now though like £2). 

Why the contribution is important

This would allow us to wean off more polluting vehicles and reduce pollution, making clear air for the island. Pay for what you pollute. Could also reduce car ownership, since there would be a much higher cost to owning 5 cars than only 1.

by Jerriaisjanne on March 04, 2021 at 06:55PM

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  • Posted by lisanoel1968 March 04, 2021 at 18:59

    Seems like a great idea
  • Posted by brucecarnegie March 05, 2021 at 11:05

    Certainly something needs to be done to reduce emissions and clean up the air quality.
    There are times when I cycle into work and feel like I've smoked half a dozen cigarettes whilst simultaneously getting muscled into the pavement by irritated drivers.

    There are more to emissions than exhaust fumes though, tyre and brake wear for example. Additionally would this take into account (for example) diesel vehicles that are switching to biofuels with lower emissions?
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