protecting our soil

farming needs to become sustainable instead of destructive to the environment 

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Soil needs to be cared for as it is also a great store of carbon, degradation of soils from unsustainable agriculture and other development has released mega amounts of carbon into the atmosphere. Soil restoration could play a major role in sequestering CO2 and slowing climate change.

by lisanoel1968 on March 07, 2021 at 12:50PM

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  • Posted by ClaireDu March 08, 2021 at 21:28

    It is hard to make soil exciting but it really is important and more than just mud. Our agricultural policies are out of date and no longer appropriately define activities.

    Some modern methods of growing do not require fields and ought not be under the same umbrella as agriculture. Think aquaponics,hydroponics, insect farming and algae farming. More alternatives are likely as technology advances.

    Redefining these uses will:
    1) protect glasshouses and green field sites from overdevelopment from industrial and destructive growing activities. Planning permission is not currently required to concrete a glass house and grow commodities using hydroponics for example.
    2) release alternative sites to growing activities which are not currently zoned as agricultural. These new methods may not require soil, pollinators or even direct sunlight so old sheds, tunnels, loft voids etc might come into use.
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