Reducing carbon emissions

Run a free bus service for two years to change our car habits, by making it expensive to park in town, unless you have a reason, such as health issues.

Bring back road tax and make it expensive to run SUV's.

Start a transition to sustainable agriculture, growing more local produce and reducing pollution in our ground water and restoring our depleted soils, by moving away from potato production, to more sustainable crops.

Retain public goods, such as cafes and pubs from development into private residences, to maintain the public realm and create a place where people want to holiday at home, thereby reducing air travel.

Require all new business in Jersey to have a viable and ambitious Corporate, Social Responsibility agenda, and encourage existing businesses to do the same, adressing local inequalities and global environmental issues. The financial institutions in Jersey are indirectly responsible for a great deal of environmental harm world-wide.

Ensure that all new government policy and infrastructure meets sustainability and climate agenda targets.

Enable small scale energy generation through tax breaks.

Encourage investment in marine electricity generation by providing an economic environment for developers to move here.




Why the contribution is important

We have to take immediate steps to reduce our carbon footprint. We need to implement simple measures now, and ramp up implementation of the harder measures, which will impact people's consumer choices and their finances, as soon as climate adaptation becomes part of our daily lives.

by johnpinel on March 09, 2021 at 03:17PM

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