Change all Double Decker Buses to Electric by end of 2022

"UK will have Europe’s largest electric bus fleet by 2024"

The UK is set to have the largest electric bus fleet in Europe by 2024, with the number of buses projected to grow by close to 180 per cent from approximately 1,000 to 2,800 vehicles, according to forecasts by Accuracy, the global independent advisory firm.

Poland currently has the second-largest fleet of Zero Emission (ZE) buses in Europe with around 800 ZE buses. The Netherlands and Italy have the third and fourth largest fleets with around 600 buses each. Germany only has 550 in its urban fleet, the fifth largest in Europe. France is currently in sixth place with around 500, around half the number of ZE buses in the UK currently.

Where will Jersey be on the road to simply converting it's double decker fleet to electric by 2024?

It seems quite likely to me from the single trial of an electric bus here, that the trial was designed to fail. Why would I say that? Because Liberty Bus probably do not want to buy electric buses at much more expensive prices than diesel buses.

As you can see from the news above, Electric Buses DO WORK, hence why there are now so many across Europe (which also ignores the tens of thousand in use daily in China). 

Why did we not trial other manufacturers buses if we are so sure that the one we had here was not  suitable? There are many manufacturers of electric buses, several selling them in the UK. The only reason I can think of is that Liberty Bus do not want to spend the money.

Based on the UK having the biggest electric Bus fleet in the EU by 2024, Jersey and Liberty Bus have no excuse why they cannot do the same in an island 9 miles by 5 miles. Lame excuses about a trial of ONE bus do not cut the mustard, get some other one's here, simple. If you test drove one car, would you never buy any car just because that one car broke down during your test drive? Of course you wouldn't, you would go and try other cars from other manufacturers!

To get things moving on this, we need a plan and commitment by both Jersey and Liberty Bus to as a minimum convert all of the double decker buses to electric by the end of 2022.

While that is progressing, we can look at the availability of slimline electric single decker buses with a view to rolling them out from the end of 2022.

Maybe with the above plan we can match the UK's ambitions for 2024.

Why the contribution is important

In June 2019 Jersey declared a Climate Emergency, so far there has not been any tangible action to reduce emissions.

Vehicle emissions are the biggest part of Jersey CO2 footprint. Also, diesel emissions are the worst type for negatively affecting the health of the population, causing lung damage, cancer, and more.

Everyone that stands in the queue at the bus station, or is a pedestrian along a bus route, stands to breathe in this pollution.

We need to eliminate as much CO2 and pollution as we can, as quickly as we can, and the double decker buses are a quick win, if the will for change and a belief in the Climate Emergency exists in our Government.

by TheResearcher on May 17, 2021 at 08:10PM

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