Do NOT introduce Biodiesel

Do not propose the use of biodiesel for political reasons without understanding the science.

Why the contribution is important

Biodiesel has decimated rain forests thoughout Asia. Animal habitat is destroyed and the Palm Oil companies displace local people and do not even provide river bank corridors to allow the migration of endangered species. Palm oil is a primary ingredient of biodiesel.

Biodiesel has a lower calorific value than mineral diesel so you have to burn more to get the same amount of energy so emission reductions are exagerated.

Diesel vehicles suffer from clogging of injectors and massively increased maintence caused by the growth of bacteria in biodiesel, known thoughout Asia as "diesel bug". Eradication of diesel bug involves the disposal of unusable fuel and the use of toxic detergents to clean machinery and storage tanks.

A more positive step to save our planet would be for a country like Jersey to BAN Palm Oil. People would stand up and listen to one of the worst commercial exploitation of the plant under the "ECO" banner.

by BanPalmOil on March 30, 2021 at 06:40PM

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  • Posted by TheResearcher May 02, 2021 at 16:27

    Biofuels are just another fossil fuel producers con just more garbage to kick the can down the road. It's a Climate EMERGENCY, not a 500 year marathon.

    We need to focus on legislation that encourages and/or forces people into EV's, so that we get ZERO emissions, not some half baked version of emissions reduction that allows people to continue polluting whilst disregarding the rights of all living species on Earth to not go extinct, due to the stupidity, ignorance and greed of Humans.

    "With the review of the EU CO₂ emissions standards for cars and vans scheduled for June 2021, some, notably the oil and gas industry and automotive suppliers, are advocating adding CO₂ credits for advanced biofuels and synthetic fuels into the vehicle standards. T&E’s new analysis shows why this is not credible — neither from an environmental nor from an economic point of view."[…]/
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