Energy, food & the protection of green spaces

All new energy installations should be required to be mains electric or locally generated renewables.

The planning department need to change their policies to better reflect the importance of renewables being located on existing properties. 

The use of solar panels and windfarms on green fields or agricultural land however is not acceptable as this land could be used more effectively as a carbon sink, for local food production, and/ or benefiting biodiversity. 

Why the contribution is important

Energy: A number of applications for solar panels, to be added to existing buildings, are rejected by the planning department. It's not clear what the merit to this is, given that roof coverings are effectively wear parts. 

Food: The fuel usage and CO2e associated with the importation of food into the island needs to be addressed by us all. Jersey should be seeking to support green, sustainable aggriculture from local food producers (this is my pledge). Incentives to use glass houses for food production should be implemented.

Green spaces: We like to add items for nature (bird and bat boxes for example) but the best thing for biodiversity is to protect the natural habitat and polinator environments. Glass houses that are no longer used for food production should be removed as per planning conditions and policy and applications for changes of use to industrial, phamaceutical or housing should be rejected.  Protecting green spaces must be prioritised over economic gains.

A sustainable population strategy is required to enable this to happen as continuous growth isn't sustainable.

by kirsten on March 22, 2021 at 01:59PM

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