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Petrol/diesel vehicles
Jersey could lead the way by banning petrol & diesel vehicles by 2025.

This is achievable, with government backing, using grants & interest free loans for people/businesses to convert vehicles to electric.

Funding for research into improving self-charging technology, & improvements in battery technology. 10% of lottery funding has been put aside for research.

One issue is how to dispose of all vehicles not converted.

Government backing, with grants and interest free loans for house/business owners to make their properties more eco efficient. To include;

  • Solar panels
  • Domestic wind turbines
  • Heat exchange systems
  • Water catchment systems
  • Insulation

Further, building laws can be amended to ensure that ALL the above are incorporated in ALL new buildings, including alternative building materials to concrete, of which there are many, and cheaper! To build an eco-house does not necessarily mean it will be more expensive, plus the reduction in energy bills is payback.

To make the island ‘single-use plastic’ free IMMEDIATELY. Why wait? There are plenty of alternatives.

Lottery funding for research into alternatives, and solutions for the plastic we already have.

The way recycling is dealt with – ‘WASTE MANAGEMENT’ CAN be improved, possible new industry on island.

Covering the Cost
This needs to be paid for, so an increase in personal tax by 1% for those earning up to £50k and 2% for higher earners and business.

Zero 10 needs reforming, it is regressive & divisive – we are all responsible for this, more so some businesses so they must pay as well.

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