How to improve our infrastructure for greener transport.

I'm going to launch a thread about the second point - what should the Government be doing? Please feel free to add any ideas about this below.

We need to see the publishing of a full and detailed Active Travel Plan that will outline how Jersey is going to get the bare basic level of active travel infrastructure. How every village is going to be linked by at least using green lanes/shared-use footpaths. How the gaps are going to be plugged in the Jersey cycle network (for example linking St Martin & St Ouen into town). How cycling is going to be made easier.

For over 10 years at least the transport policy has been to put cyclists and pedestrians above the motorist in the transport hierarchy. We need to see evidence that the Government is putting deed to word on this fact. For example, when you look at the "upgraded" Commerical buildings - 10 years ago (Google Street View) vs today. You can see that the road hasn't changed at all, except for putting up a few cycle signs on the western footpath. The car still has four widths of space, while pedestrians and cyclists (the supposed "priority") have a narrow stretch of tarmac. It's no wonder most cyclists stick to the carriageway.

Furthermore, every parish, including St Helier, should publish with the support of the Government a parish improvement plan that will outline how the parish will be improved for walking/cycling. This could involve new paths, new pedestrian crossings, new green lanes, better signage. This would also outline how traffic calming will be introduced in relevant speed limit zones according to national standards and how "Safe routes to School" will be achieved, so the majority of students at every school can feel safe walking and cycling to/from school rather than the endless amounts of morning traffic.

These projects need public engagement. The Government should launch a community crowdsourced web based mapping project (such as commonplace) so people can suggest areas for improvement. People know the problems they face every day while using Jersey's roads and public spaces. This could include things such as "there aren't enough bins here"; "it feels unsafe to cycle here"; "this pedestrian crossing doesn't give me enough time to cross"; "it is hard to cross the road safely here"; "a filter in turn could be introduced at this junction"; "a large number of cars rat run down this road" and much much more. The key thing would be that this project is easy to use and well publicised.

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We need the Government to actually act on the things brought up in this climate conversation with funding and a proper plan.

by Jerriaisjanne on March 08, 2021 at 08:05PM

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  • Posted by brucecarnegie March 13, 2021 at 19:48

    Transport in Jersey is like the litmus test for effective government.

    How we move around Jersey is in a way tiny in compared to other climate, biodiversity and pollution issues. If we could decarbonise the finance industry for example then that contribution would be collosal in comparison.

    But the fact is that virtually nothing has been done to generate a sustainable transport infrastructure and the issues highlighted in the comment above reflects an inability to deliver on policies.

    There are a number of different authorities involved, including each parish for creating green lanes for example which makes a joined up system difficult.

    It seems that the magnitude of change required to transition to a sustainable transport system is lost on the government department responsible. A small section of cycle / pedestrian strip near la folie pub just isn't going to cut it.

    This essential transition from private and commercial vehicles that are entirely unsuitable for our small roads is now subject to yet another review, this time in regard to safety.[…]/

    I'll just add my comment here if I can. I have kitesurfed for the last 15 years and I have been paragliding for the last decade. Both of these activities are rightly considered extreme and dangerous sports. I'm not arrogant with the risks involved and take them very seriously. I can with all honesty state without exaggeration that cycling on Jersey is more dangerous than either of these other pastimes.

    If our government fails to deliver on a sustainable transport policy and action (by not linking up the various departments and parishes, or by hoping the issue will resolve itself with people deciding to cycle more etc, or worse still thinking that we can maintain a status quo and juxtapose sustainability onto that) then how can we expect our government to deliver on the pathways that they need to create for us to journey to carbon neutrality and environmental sustainability?
  • Posted by Jerriaisjanne March 14, 2021 at 18:59

    Yes, it seems there is a Sustainable Transport Policy (which has existed anyway since 2010) which puts cyclists and pedestrians at the top of the road hierarchy.

    But there's no Sustainable Transport Plan on how that is going to be delivered.

    A Dutch-style Infrastructure is possible in Jersey. This is not because Jersey is similar to the Netherlands. Jersey is hilly and has much narrower roads. But the Dutch plan isn't just build cycle tracks everywhere, it's an integrated approach. It's about creating a safe network for cyclists where they have priority and a safe network for motorists where they have priority (in such most Dutch people are both cyclists and motorists). It's about separating the modes as much as possible but where they have to mix mixing them safely. It's about providing for and considering all road users, not just through infrastructure, but through education and legal structures as well.

    The minimum that needs to be done by 2030 (preferably sooner) is to have designated safe connections between all the villages and town and between the villages. This can be done either with shared use paths or by designating roads as green lanes (and lowering traffic on those roads).
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