Idling engines

I would like to suggest that drivers are made to switch off engines when their vehicles are stationary.

Just as people got used to putting on a seat belt, and, more recently, to put on a mask when going into a shop, so they should become used to switching off their vehicle engine as soon as they stop.

Walk anywhere and you will hear engines running from stationary vehicles and smell the fumes as well, often while the drivers either sit looking at phones - or are in a neaby shop/office/property to deliver/buy something.

The only signs I have seen in town asking drivers to switch off engines are outside the Central Market.





Why the contribution is important

It is a very small thing to ask - and so easy to do - and would reduce noise and air pollution.

It might also make people think more about this kind of pollution. 


by Sue on April 27, 2021 at 11:25AM

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  • Posted by BigAirport May 17, 2021 at 07:27

    Most newer cars have a stop start function to automatically switch off the engine when stationary.
    As we live in a small island and car batteries are under assault through lack of time to charge it seldom works for good reason. What you suggest makes sense apart from the need to replace your battery and starter motor far more often at significant expense and manufacturing pollution. Lead acid batteries are not good for the environment or easy to recycle.
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