Increased vehicle taxes.

Even though petrol and diesel vehicles will have an end date for registration, possibly 2025 or maybe a few years later, registration of new and used large engined vehicles should have an increased VRD. This  should be substantial for over 2500cc, large for 2000cc and medium for above 1200cc, we are a small Island and the use of large engines is not effective with regard to emissions, and we don't want these being off-loaded into the Island over the next few years. The only exception I would give would be to disabled conversions and classic vehicles over 50 years old. 

Why the contribution is important

There will be glut of high powered diesel and petrol cars over the next 4 years, and Jersey could be seen as a place to off-load them, remember they will be around until 2040 or so. The extra money received should go into a diesel scrap scheme, to remove diesel cars over 10 years old, being replaced by electric bikes or cars. 

by philipjohnson on June 10, 2021 at 07:20PM

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