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The amount of littering on Jersey has now become shocking. It's everywhere. Cigarette butts, plastic bottles, takeaway cartons strewn across pretty much every street and carpark. And now disposable facemasks.

It's an epidemic of littering.

How much of this fails to be cleared and disposed of and ends up in our ecosystems?

There are good natured conscientious people who go out of their way to pick up other people's rubbish. There's social media pages dedicated to highlight this issue.

And yet people litter with complete impunity. Why aren't laws enforced? From the smoker who flicks the butt into the street with casual indifference to the drunks leaving beer cans on the floor within a few steps to the nearest bin, there's a culture of flagrant disregard to properly disposing of waste.

Here's some freedom of information requests that highlight just how few prosecutions have occurred over the years.



Why the contribution is important

How can Jersey have a small army of traffic wardens to police parking infractions when there is nobody policing littering infractions? Why are our priorities so skewed?

Why isn't there an island wide policing initiative to combat the epidemic of lawbreaking litterers that are blighting our island, making a mess everywhere and are throwing toxic, non biodegradable waste into our ecosystems?

Surely it's now time to stop turning a blind eye, start policing this properly (and not necessarily by the hard working SOJP but by a new body similar to traffic wardens) issue some tough fines or even better community service orders to collect up all the litter strewn across Jersey.


by brucecarnegie on March 21, 2021 at 07:44PM

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