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From Norway (everything or else!) to Guernsey (pay for what you waste) to India (ships) recycling is happening. It should be built in. Stop letting developers build shoebox residences where ther is scarcely place for a bin, let alone a recycling box. Recycling should be obligatory with bins built in to all homes, somewhere in a kitchen with either larger bins outdoors for collection or in close proximity to a recycling center. It's obvious and probably one of the cheaper solutions for reducing waste, carbon footprint and the need for additional waste capacity on island. 

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It's a simple, lower cost (some up front investment is required) and eas(ier) solution to implement than heating and cooling conversions or solar installation or EV vehicle infrastructure. The island stands to gain material for the ERF at la collette, more organic waste for compost and funds from selling on metal or glass or plastics to secondary processors. 

by christen1984 on March 10, 2021 at 04:05PM

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  • Posted by brucecarnegie March 12, 2021 at 08:48

    Tesco are rolling out a soft plastics recycling scheme. At last a retailer is taking some form of ownership of plastic packaging.

    There's a huge amount of plastic packaging and whilst this protects food and extends it's shelf life (hence avoiding waste and associated carbon debt) much of this packaging is difficult or impossible to recycle. (Top tip - cut out the crisps and biscuit snacks, these are the hardest packaging to recycle and your waistline will thank you as well).

    Supermarkets need to take ownership of the packaging that they supply their products in and this should extend to manufacturers. The customer isn't interested in the packaging, they want to product inside.

    There was an interesting consumer led movement a little while ago when people were sending empty crisp packets back to the manufacturer.

    Governments need to make manufacturing and retailing recycling mandatory and the businesses who enjoy producing and selling should be the ones that create and operate the recycling network.
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