We declared a Climate Emergency, please treat it as an emergency

Good to see some good ideas in the Citizens’ Assembly – Content Block Two, but why is fuel duty increase so pathetic? If you want people to FEEL the impact of fuel duty, crank it right up!! Small increases bother only a small minority here, everyone else just absorbs the increase and carries on regardless. Put 50% or 100% on fuel and you'll soon see people changing their cars for EV's or use the bus, cycle, walk.

As for the suggestion of extending the end date for the majority of combustion engine vehicles to 2050, again pathetic. We have declared a Climate Emergency, but the way things are going it would be like a heart attack patient being told the ambulance couldn't pick them up for a year or two, because it would either cost too much or too many people would complain about the use of public resources, get a grip on the word EMERGENCY and act like it's one.

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by TheResearcher on April 02, 2021 at 09:13PM

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