Community-led Solutions

Given that new builds will only make up a small portion of the island's homes, there needs to be a larger focus on what we can do with existing properties. Offering subsidies for home energy audits are a great start but seems to be a solution for those already concerned about climate change. 

Perhaps incentives focused on community-led projects would be a good way to increase the energy efficiency of a number of homes at once rather than singular homes. Would it be possible to have estates come together to purchase solar arrays to generate power for the estate? If a number of homes chip into this it reduces installation costs and leads to improved uptake of clean energy. 

When improving the energy efficiency of our homes some may be worried that they won't see the financial benefits for a number of years. This is especially true for low-income households and those who rent rather than own their property. By making use of government subsidies and sharing costs with neighbours communities can see more money in their pocket over a shorter period of time than if they were to front the cost as an individual. It is clear that for a block of flats to become energy efficient it requires more than a few flats improving the insulation to make a difference. If it can be shown that residents will start saving money after x years and the initial costs are not too much then we may see more uptake in this area. Could the government of Jersey Electricity help these communities by offering some sort of scheme that incentivises improving the energy efficiency of blocks of flats at once?

Why the contribution is important

Often solutions to climate change require proactive action by people who are disproportionally affected by the problem. We know the poorer nations, communities and people are and will be disproportionally affected by climate change. It is, therefore, important that solutions include these people and do not leave them behind. It is not possible for every to install solar panel or heat source pumps to improve their carbon footprint. 

Communities can come together to find solutions to their energy needs and should be supported by the government in doing so. 

by Nathan238 on February 13, 2021 at 10:27AM

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