Design for life not machines.

Conscious Construction requires that we do less, not more, with our buildings.

Once we embrace the thought that nature is regenerating and restorative and that we need to be included within that paradigm, we can ease into simpler more sophisticated buildings that support ecosystems as they work to balance the atmosphere.

Consciouse Construction on living breathing buildings is known colloquially as passive design. Passive design does not use machines to control or condition the building. In theory, passive designed buildings are 100% self-balancing and use natural systems to clean and condition themselves.
They have no green house gas emissions.

Why the contribution is important

Reducing emissions can only the risk if failing to meet net zero 2030, yet reductions receives the kings share of corporate and governmental investment.

If conscious construction became a factor of planning permission, passive designs would play a greater feature in all future development and positively impact the possibilities of meeting Net Zero 2030.

Cost negligible, Gain positive.

by Gordon on February 14, 2021 at 04:57PM

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