Do we even need to heat our homes?

The great majority of our homes will always be those existing, so retrofitting energy saving measures and use of low-carbon heat sources remains vitally important.  But for the 7,000 new homes identified as required, passivhaus techniques should be used.  With very careful design using orientation and solar gain, insulation and controlled ventilation, heating can be reduced to a minimum. 

This will need political acceptance of the need for changes in our visual environment, and new planning policies to support these changes.  The new Island Plan should be the place to start.

Why the contribution is important

Reducing requirements for energy consumption by long term passive means has got to be the way forward.

by RichardLeSueur on February 14, 2021 at 11:08PM

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  • Posted by greybeard February 19, 2021 at 12:53

    Agree with the above comment completely. Insulation from the ground up is essential for all new builds, use heat recovery technology in new homes and where appropriate use heat pump (ground source / air) technology for central heating / water heating.

    The lower grade energy from heat pumps does mean that it is much easier to install in new homes where it can be designed in from the outset.
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