Geothermal and air source heat pumps

Greater use should be made of geothermal heating. A constant source of low intensity background heat makes geothermal a possibility for large scale community - shared energy distribution. The initial installation and set up costs would doubtless have to subsidized by the States of Jersey. Air source heat pumps are also worthy of consideration. These systems work well for home heating but would also require government subsidies to make them affordable.  Increasing insulation in homes is one of the best ways of reducing home heating costs and one of the most effective. More publicity regarding energy surveys for homes and insulation methods would be useful. 

Why the contribution is important

Anything that can reduce carbon emissions should be considered given the current climate crisis. 

The aim of making our island carbon neutral by 2030 although a worthy aspiration is unlikely to be realised. Continuing unrestricted population growth, future large building projects including the need for thousands more homes and the ever growing number of oversized ICE vehicles on our roads can only serve to increase our overall level of emissions. Meaningful improvements to our public transport provision has been talked about for years. Very little has actually been done. 

Much has been said in recent months about "things getting back to normal after the pandemic". Should that happen there is in my view little prospect of Jersey achieving carbon neutral status at any time in the future let alone by 2030

by TGray on February 08, 2021 at 08:53PM

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  • Posted by DannySEMoisan February 09, 2021 at 17:17

    I totally agree, some very good points as many of us have been saying for such a long time, our Government have not taken the issues seriously for too long and now its going to be a an 8 year knee jerk reaction. too little too late unfortunately!
  • Posted by Shanti February 10, 2021 at 21:16

    I think we should not give up like this, Danny. The important thing is to keep the pressure up towards the government, make it clear what we want and make our government realise, that the majority of us actually want these changes to become carbon neutral by 2030.
  • Posted by greybeard February 19, 2021 at 14:08

    Ground source heating is a good idea. My understanding is that it relies on heat in the ground which has been absorbed from the sun - as opposed to 'geo-thermal' heat which is derived from within the earth's crust. As such, it may not be suitable for high density housing, where air-source heat pumps might be a better solution?
  • Posted by MGreen77 March 09, 2021 at 14:37

    We have a couple of air source heat pumps and they are fantastic! It is a bit of a faff as they are expensive so we can’t afford to do the whole house yet but it means less radiators are now running off oil.

    I’m not sure of the geothermal potential in Jersey but for apartment blocks, communal heating/hot water would be more efficient and a potential area for geothermal...
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