Wrap up warm!

Why do we wrap ourselves up warm when it's cold, but we don't wrap up (insulate) our homes?

In Jersey, decades after the UK, Building Regulations were only introduced in 1960, and it wasn't until many years later that insulation became a requirement.  Although home owners have always had the opportunity to add insulation themselves, an alarming number of Jersey properties have little or no insulation.

On average, our homes lose heat up to 3 times faster than European ones, and are colder too, even when factoring in outside temperatures.

We could save so much wasted energy (and money) by insulating our homes, the 'pay-back' time being very short in terms of energy bills.  Of course, the pay-back for doing the right thing is immediate.

When we were younger, what would our mum's have said if we'd gone out in the cold without a coat, scarf, and perhaps even a hat?!

Why the contribution is important

Heat loss through the fabric of buildings (roof, walls, floors, windows and doors) wastes a vast amount of valuable energy.  

We're in an officially declared Climate Emergency - We should make it our top priority to insulate (and draught-proof) all our homes and workplaces as soon as possible.

by SimonLanglois on February 08, 2021 at 10:11AM

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  • Posted by brucecarnegie February 10, 2021 at 18:12

    I'm in the very fortunate position to own my own home. One of the first things I did was lay extra insulation in the loft as I was astonished at how little there was. This made a tremendous difference and even in this cold snap our house only needs modest heating. It was a simple and easy investment to make.

    There are though, many many people living here that are renting and as the tenant pays for heating costs I wonder what the incentive for landlords to ensure that the property is well insulated and draft proofed.

    There should be strong standards set across the rental market that ensure that homes are well insulated and draft proofed to ensure cost and energy savings for tenants.
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