The economy is considered more important than solving the climate crisis

Together with most Governments of the world, Jersey is afraid to take the steps required to mitigate climate change impacts on our society, our environment and our economy.

The required actions are well know - stop emitting CO2, now - and start, today, to structure a society not based on fossil fuels. No one is doing this, but Jersey could.

Yes, it would impact our economy in the short term, but everyone else will be forced to catch us up and we could be leading the world, or at least small island states, within 5 - 10 years.

Our Environment Minister has stated in the introduction to our 'Carbon Neutral Strategy 2019' that "I believe Jersey can and should become the first carbon neutral jurisdiction in the British Isles"

However, our recent iteration of the Government plan makes no real reference to a green economic recovery or provides any meaningful ways to ensure that we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic with a climate directed recovery.

The Government of Jersey is doing a huge amount of research and development of ideas, and Civil Servants are working hard to implement positive change, but without deep support from our political represntatives, we will move too slowly. If we wait for the UK to lead us, we will move too slowly.

We need to appoint a climate Czar who will sit in Government and ensure that any and all new policy and legislation is climate orientated, that any economic or social or environmental issues are dealt with in a way which is climate opriented. Infrastraucture projects such as our proposed hospital must be examined to determine if they are sustainable in the long term and how we mitigate the impacts of the construction and running of such a large piece of infrastructure.

We need to push our financial institutions to develop meaningful Corporate, Social Responsibility policies which not only benefit society and the environment in Jersey, but which also address the problems which our economic activity here in Jersey cause elsewhere in the world. The billions of pounds stored in Jersey's financial institutions, could be working to resolve the world's problems instead of adding to them if they were required to be managed in a responsible way.

Why the contribution is important

Jersey is a small island and vulnerable to climate change impacts. We need to take steps now to become more resilient and to adapt to the coming crisis. We must also take responsibility for our economic system and seek to ensure that the impacts from investment held in Jersey works to support resilience and adaptation in the world's poorest areas too.

by johnpinel on March 09, 2021 at 02:54PM

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