Tram from town to airport

The railway walk should be utilised to put a tram from town up to Les Quennevais then across the back of the sports fields to the airport.

frequency should be every 10 minutes and the number 15 bus cancelled.

Why the contribution is important

Buses are currently not electric and so also produce carbon emissions. Additionally buses sit in the traffic along with cars.

A tram would have no carbon emissions, not get stuck in the traffic and remove a vehicle from the road. There are only 2 minor roads that the tram needs to cross before reaching Les Quennevais. Then  a further 2 minor roads before it can reach the airport.

the biggest barrier to people switching to public transport is the lack of frequency. A frequency of under 15 minutes means limited waiting if you miss one and hugely increased convenience.

There could then be a bus hub at the airport so you don't have to go to town as frequently.


by Nomad on February 22, 2021 at 08:11AM

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