Do we really need to talk about climate?

Or is this a problem that someone else will deal with and tell us what we need to do to fix it? 


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Everyone's lives will be impacted in someway so we should all have a chance to say how and when that will happen, rather than just being told when it's a done deal.

by JCCadmin on February 01, 2021 at 10:52AM

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  • Posted by JaneyD February 01, 2021 at 16:52

    I agree. I don't want this to be 'done to me' I want to understand why decisions are made. When we choose to go carbon neutral is potentially going to impact so much of my life. I want politicians to understand what I think so that they make the right decisions. They might be braver if they know what the electorate are really thinking!
  • Posted by SimonLanglois February 01, 2021 at 17:15

    If we don't want to be 'mothered' by the state, then we've got to accept responsibility for taking the relevant steps ourselves.

    The 'state' doesn't make us drive big polluting cars, or take multiple holidays/flights/citybreaks or use oil and gas heating - these are our personal choices.

    So, yes, we do need to talk about this and deal with it as individuals because we can't just expect 'others' to make the hard decisions so we don't have to.

    On the positive side, just think of the children, grandchildren and future generations of our community and it's easy to do the right thing. We just need to take responsibility for our day to day actions which affect climate and the environment, and be on the right side of history in the future.
  • Posted by lisanoel1968 February 02, 2021 at 20:31

    I truly believe this is the most important issue of our time we have to face it and we have to act!!!
  • Posted by philipjohnson February 02, 2021 at 22:07

    We need to talk, to understand how this affects us and others. Everyone is different, we all live different ways, and as such, all viewpoints must be looked at and understood.
  • Posted by Georgel February 07, 2021 at 13:44

    Yes definitely need to see the discussion reaching deep into our community 👍
  • Posted by RoseAnne February 09, 2021 at 15:48

    Climate Change is the issue of our time, and time is running out for us to stop the worst case scenarios from happening. In our day to day lives this is not al all obvious in Jersey, and floods, fires, droughts and massive pieces of glacier faling off and killing people in other parts of the world seem too remote for us to make the connection. We need to put the brakes on climate change right now in order to leave the planet in a reasonably habitable state for future gneereations, and for all other species of life on earth.
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