Eastern cycle track

It baffles me that I can't cycle from St Helier, along the inner road, anywhere but the main road. 

Going around the French Harbour, around Harve Des Pas and then... no where, is just not practical, efficient or good enough.

I hate using roads and feeling like I'm annoying drivers but I literally don't have a convenient choice. 

Cycling is supposed to be quicker and easier, the current route (which is effectively not a cycle path but a shared pedestrian walkway along pavements) is utterly useless. It adds about 10 minutes onto commute time which is ridiculous when I can get home in 10 minutes via Georgetown. 


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I cycle to and from work everyday which saves me driving, paying for parking and keeps me active. It only takes 15 minutes each way. 

However, sitting at multiple sets of traffic lights when, in some cases, I could cycle alongside turning traffic is frustrating (Eg. Hill street)

Sharing the road with incompetent drivers who are either too afraid to overtake (when it's completely safe to do so) or who overtake me when it is NOT safe to, is dangerous. 

If I had a child there is no chance I would let them out onto the roads alone, they just aren't safe enough. 

The parishes need to work together and get connection routes sorted and built. Feel like we've been having this same conversation for a thousand years. 

by Wanderlust100 on February 01, 2021 at 06:58PM

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  • Posted by MartaW February 01, 2021 at 20:58

    I totally agree with you. We live on this beautiful island and we seem to be enjoying it from inside of polluting cars. Everywhere is so close, if there were proper cycle paths (not shared with cars or pedestrians) I don't think I would even need to use a car (perhaps to collect heavy shopping) and my son would definitely cycle with me to school. Roads are not safe enough and pavements are too narrow to even take a section. There needs to be a plan to link all the parishes. Many big cities got it right. I'm sure tourists coming to Jersey would appreciate that too and not try to navigate their hire cars on narrow roads.
  • Posted by Jerriaisjanne February 02, 2021 at 18:29

    Definitely agree! We need more cycle tracks and cycle contraflow lanes! And where dedicated cycle routes have to mix with traffic they should signposted on the road with cycle sharrows to tell drivers that the road is everyones space (though this should be avoided and only used as a last resort!)

    Regarding the Hill Street junction specifically - this junction really should be replaced with a filter in turn junction. It is ridicious that vehicles need to wait at these lights, idling, when there is barely any traffic most of the time.

    I agree with Martha as well. In most cases on this island there isn't much need to drive. Except maybe those who live in middle of nowhere St Ouen travelling to La Rocque or people doing lots of heavy shopping (though we could all do smaller more frequent shops to make it easier). The St Saviour school traffic is just ridiculous every day, but that mostly comes from the fact that parents are driving into town anyway so might as well drop off the kids too (and since they need to drop off the kids they might as well drive to work - a vicious cycle).

    On the point about tourists, there should be a proper bike hire station at the aiport and harbour and then signposted cycle routes from there into St Helier (there is already a segregated track sort of along that route, it just isn't very well signposted). Maybe we could take a Bermuda approach - they ban all non-residents from driving at all on their island (though I think you can hire a jetski!)

  • Posted by Kat February 04, 2021 at 16:46

    Some gardens along the coast road could be compulsory purchased to make room for a cycle track.
    OK I know Jersey shudders at the thought of compulsory purchase but as the population doubles some things have to give.
  • Posted by BigAirport February 26, 2021 at 07:20

    I completely agree with the first comment about the eastern cycle track being needed and that drivers annoy me as a cyclist by not overtaking which eventually causes me to stop suddenly and in sheer frustration wave them past. If I am cycling in a straight line on a lane there is room for a car to pass me close by at 5mph over my speed rather than sit behind and annoy me. Then of course you have the ones that follow the leader who overtakes me and does so on a blind bend. In the lanes we have cars coming round corners on the right hand side of the road. Do they think we are in France by chance! A cyclist coming the other way would be toast.
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