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In 2015, the UN reviewed all countries and calculated the maximum amount of carbon that each country can emit if we are to stand a 50% chance of stopping staying within the 2*C global warming limits. This data stretches from 2015 to 2099 and is based on population estimations.

The list of calculations included a calculation for the Channel Islands, from which it is possible to calculate Jersey's own carbon emission 'allowance'. Currently, Jersey emits about 3x its 'carbon allowance' (assuming we want to stand a 50% chance of staying within the 2*C global warming limits) but nobody I know in Jersey is are of this fact, or even aware that these calculations exist.

If Jersey published, on a yearly basis, the island's carbon emissions in direct comparison with Jersey's 'carbon allowance', we could better understand how drastically and urgently we need to make changes and we could better track and work toward reaching the emission target as a community. Furthermore, if we publicised the fact that our allowance is only 0.35 tonnes of carbon per person (per year) then we can encourage people to start to calculate their own carbon footprint and make appropriate lifestyle changes accordingly.


Why the contribution is important

The island and the community would benefit from being able to tangibly discuss and understand our responsibility to combat global warming. This can't just be an abstract conversation, there are clear targets that we need to work toward because we cannot continue to live in excess of our environmental means (from a carbon perspective) without taking responsibility and driving change.

by JerseyFleur on February 21, 2021 at 02:46PM

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