All new build and refurbished commercial, industrial and residential properties should have secure, covered cycle facilities and showers

In the current building regulations there is NO requirement for developers or landlords to fit shower facilities.

As an example in the IFC 1 building, which has a capacity in excess of 600 people, there are FOUR showers in the basement. These were installed at the owner's discretion. This is masssively inadequate. And we are told thatyt it is up to the tenants what they want to do with their space re showers etc.

Yet we have quotas for toilets and disabled toilets. The numner of toilets per head or per sqm.  A similar forumla should be used for shower and changing facilities in all new builds and refurbished premises.

In addition, secure covered cycle storage should be mandatory in the planningg regulations, and not left to the whim of the developer or the tenant.

As an example, the plans for the new Coop at Five Oaks. there is no provision for showers for the staff that will work there. No provision for secure and covered bike storage YET the trolleys for the shopping get a covered trolley park. 

Planning regulations need to get with the modern times and mandate that showers, changing facilities are provided. For every 50 people there should be a minimum of 4 showers provided. So if you have a building of 80 people capacity, then you install 8 showers.


Why the contribution is important

Providing showers, changing facilities and secure bike storage has been shown to dramatically increase the numbers of people traveling to work/commute etc by bicycle or e-scooter etc.

Until it is mandatory, the developers will not seriously include these measures in their developments.

Like the requirement for art etc, these should be a staple of all refurbs and new developments.

by Chos on February 18, 2021 at 11:30PM

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