Condor Operating Agreement ; excessive fuel use

The operation of the ferries to the UK and to France is based on a contract between the Harbour Master, acting for the Government (States of Jersey) on the one hand and Condor on the other hand. The contract requires the ferry company to operate fast ferries to the UK and to France. When the currect contract was signed, the use of fast ferries in the North Sea and in the English Channel had already completely disappeared, mainly because of the high fuel consumption of fast ferries. A fast ferry uses five times the amount of fuel for the same journey as a conventional ship. It may well be exciting to travel at high speed at sea, but in terms of climate change it is unsustanable. The Government does not specify to an airline which type of aircraft it uses on the Jersey routes, so it is illogical for the Government to require the ferry operator to have a fast ferry.

Why the contribution is important

Effective reduction of transport emissions is only possible when the Government is more even handed in the way it addresses climate change. The Government should drop the contractual requirement for Condor to have fast ferries in its fleet. That would also have a massive impact on the cost base of the ferry operator since lower fuel cost will translate into lower operating cost, and thus lower freight charges. A massive stimulus for the Jersey economy.

by sylvainforet on February 16, 2021 at 11:25AM

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  • Posted by NickyW February 17, 2021 at 09:40

    I like this idea very much. However, in terms of Condor providing a service, I don't know whether this would be shooting them in the foot? In principle, it makes excellent sense.
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