Create a Low Emission Zone for St Helier

Reduce the local air pollution problems in town by introducing a Low, or Ultra Low Emmision zone in town.

Every time the idea of reducing local pollution by removing vehicles is raised there is opposition from business and others about no-one going into town any more. 

They all moaned when King and Queen Street were pedestrianised in the '70's and... well, it works.

If you can go to the Fort Regent ramparts and look over St Helier, you will see just how small it is. Why do we need to drive around it? 

Put solutions in place for the elderly, those with mobility problems and for deliveries. Again, sustainable diesel for trucks and buses will reduce the amount of airborne pollutants massively - leading to making town a nicer and safer place to live.

Oh, and get those air sensors up and running!

Why the contribution is important

Because while we must tackle global issues, we must also tackle local problems - St Helier air quality is pretty bad some days, you can taste it.

by Nigelblandin on February 19, 2021 at 08:23AM

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  • Posted by Siobhan February 19, 2021 at 09:47

    This is a great idea and has been trialled successfully elsewhere
  • Posted by brucecarnegie February 19, 2021 at 14:55


    The retail industry has been in decline for years in town and this has been with almost unfettered access by car.

    In order to help regenerate town as a functioning social and retail area it needs to be a clean and welcoming place.

  • Posted by Jerriaisjanne February 19, 2021 at 14:56

    I think St Helier is just too small for an emissions toll scheme that's cost effective, especially since key routes would have to be kept open for access to car parks (Sand Street, Minden Place, the new car park at Ann Court and Pier Road are all accessed from within the ring road).

    We have legislative ability as a mostly independent country to introducing pollution tax schemes that cover the whole island and tax the most environmentally unfriendly vehicles. Maybe something along the Crit'air system used in France - if you want to park in town you must display a disc in your window (could be done by ANPR in Sand St or other multistories) and to get the disc you have your car assessed to pay a certain fee.

    It would be much better to cut off through-town routes and reduce on-street parking (replace with car clubs) to discourage people from driving through the centre of town as much as possible. This could be achieved by introducing a "bus gate" on Hill Street and pedestrianising (or introducing low-traffic one way systems, i.e. cutting off the through route) parts of Burrard Street.
  • Posted by Jerriaisjanne February 19, 2021 at 14:57

    The Crit'air scheme would also allow us to tax vehicles coming into the island. We could have week-only Crit'air schemes.
  • Posted by TheResearcher February 19, 2021 at 18:39

    Something needs to be done about air quality in Jersey as a whole. If you think the pollution is bad in town, just stand at any village bus stop for 20 minutes in the rush hour, it's exactly the same. My local bus stop is Beaumont and the fumes during rush hour are disgusting, even worse, there are many children stood there waiting for the diesel polluting school bus.

    We know what the main issue is, very old diesel vehicles that are lucky if they've had a service in the last 5 years.

    Jersey 'MOT' test is an epic fail, because it allows vehicles to produce the level of pollution they did when new. So look at the emissions that were allowed back in 1998, it was multiples of what it is today. Why should cars that pollute way more than what is deemed safe today be allowed on the roads?

    Jersey should have done what other countries have done, bring in a limit, and if old vehicles can't meet it with some work on the engine and Catalytic Converter, they have to be scrapped. And every two years, make the limit lower, until the only vehicles allowed on the roads are the cleanest.

    Also, a ban on sales of new fossil fuel vehicles needs to happen, to match the UK ban that Boris announced. And ban the import of used fossil fuelled vehicles, to stop people bypassing the ban by buying a 1 month old UK ex-demo car.

    With The States only talking about the Carbon Emissions, the emissions of NOx, Particulates, unburnt Hydrocarbons and various other carcinogenic toxins, are all being swept under the carpet.

    What we need in a Clean Air Policy that actually restricts emissions now, and tightens limits in the future.
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