Design roads for sustainable transport use

Our roads and traffic management systems are all designed around cars. Cycles, motorbikes and buses all have to compete in a system that is designed to enable cars to get around as quickly as possible, whilst creating as little congestion as possible.

If we designed the roads for cycles and buses, and made cars fit in around other ways of travelling, car use would decline and other means of transport would increase.

Our Road Traffic Engineers are incredibly good at their job, and I am amazed at how well our traffic flow systems work on our small, busy road network. If they were permitted to design traffic flow systems for vehicles that weren't cars, I am sure that we could quickly have a sustainable transport network that permits car use, but which protects other road users from those cars.

If we stopped prioritising the car, we could have more cycle lanes, smart buses (eg. which switch traffic lights to allow them access), safe walking routes and far less traffic.

It seems to work in Amsterdam and Barcelona.

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Incentivising sustainable transport is a better solution than pricing out unsustainable transport (eg. by raising the cost of car use), as this has less impact on people with less access to money.

by johnpinel on February 23, 2021 at 09:16PM

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  • Posted by Jerriaisjanne March 01, 2021 at 14:01

    I think we should consider a part-time bus gate scheme on the Inner Road between Mont Felard and First Tower. This would make bus journeys along the Inner Road much more rapid during peak hours (currently buses have to give way to cars when travelling past the parking along the Inner Road here) and private cars could always just use the Avenue to get into town.
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