Government investment in car and bike share schemes

Why don't the government, including the densely populated parishes invest in Evie - the shared transport scheme?

As a large part of the Sustainable Transport Policy (get on with it) shared transport is here, now. It's another tool in the box we have at our disposal to create change.

If the government invests, strongly, in the scheme it will have the resources and security to grow and develop.

With government backing, they can become a pre-requisite of the planning process. Why build a parking space for every flat when proper integrated car-shares are in place? 

Why the contribution is important

Change only comes when people accept it. By investing in a serious change process the government will accelerate this acceptance. 

by Nigelblandin on February 19, 2021 at 08:07AM

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  • Posted by jcwyatt February 21, 2021 at 21:17

    I agree.

    The Evie bikes are amazing and popular.

    The cars seem less so. Why? Because of the investment needed to make the scheme viable, they only run from town and you have to pay the full hourly rental price even when parked, unlike the bikes which have a 'pause hire ' function at much lower rates.

    If they had a couple of cars in St Peter, I would definitely be considering ditching our second car.

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