Increase the options for sustainable travel in the rural areas

Have the number 9 bus extend to L'Etacq so that people that live past the top of Greve De Lecq Hill have a regular bus route and can get home past 6:00pm.

Allow Evie Bike drop offs island wide so that people in rural areas can use them to get home.

Secure and undercover bike parking.

Why the contribution is important

Living at Plemont, my only option to get into work and around the island is by car.  The bus route is so infrequent and stops at 6:00 and so is not a feasable way to get around.  I love getting the bus and sitting reading but it is not possible as if I finish late I can't get home.  There is a frequest bus that goes to the top of Greve De Lecq Hill and I would be more than happy to get that and walk the 20 minutes home, however the road to Plemont has no pavement, is pitch black and people drive very fast along that stretch.  It would be so great if they could just extend the number 9 route to include up to Plemont/L'Etacq as there are still a lot of people that live out there.  I used to live at Corbiere, which I also thought was pretty rural, however I could always get a bus and even if I couldn't it was a safe walk to red houses to get one.

I was so excited when Evie bikes came to Jersey and I started using them and then they made the north west of the island a no drop area so they are of no use to me.  I would love to be able to get a bus in in a morning and Evie home but I can't.  This island is so small that how much more effort could it possibly be whilst out picking up bikes around the island to pick up from Plemont?

I cycle most weeks 6 times a week for fitness and sometimes I just really don't want to get on a bike to then commute. I do ride in sometimes but do not have a secure and undercover space for bikes and I don't want to leave my bikes out in the rain so I have to admit I am only a fair weather cycle commuter!

If I had other options to get around I would defintely use them so please consider linking up Plemont with the rest of the island!!

by lisajersey on February 17, 2021 at 01:33PM

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