Introduce Uber or price control the taxi industry

I think in order to reduce car use as a whole the introduction of Uber or a similar outfit using electric or hybrid vehicles would be great. Uber on the whole when compared to car ownership can be affordable if readily avaliable and could be a viable alternative. 

Our taxi industry has outrun itself and is no longer worth the cost, its market are those utterly dependant on it not those who choose its service voluntarily. Lets allow for competition in order to find a pricing level at which the consumer chooses a taxi/uber service over ownership which naturally at a certain volume will be profitable for the service provider.  

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i think it's important as it'll deal with the problem of the volume of cars owned vs their usage rates. If we can incentivies the use of uber/taxis instead of ownership you'll naturally regulate the cost of parking spaces/one-two bed flats with/without parking whilst also reduciung road congestion & emissions provided the controls are in place to regulate the cars in use. 

by LukeNewton on February 18, 2021 at 09:14AM

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  • Posted by RachelStPeter February 18, 2021 at 13:06

    I support the idea of switching taxis to electric vehicles (many already are), but I'm not convinced that introducing Uber or a similar platform is a good idea for Jersey.

    First of all, to operate efficiently Uber requires a large pool of floating drivers who are available at any time - is Jersey's market for taxi rides big enough to support this and might it lead to lots more vehicles on the road (leading to increased congestion (as it has done in London) and increased particulate emissions (hybrid or electric vehicles are not free from localised particulate emissions)?

    Secondly, Uber has been disruptive in other markets by temporarily artificially suppressing ride prices (through huge and unprofitable capital investments by the company) which forces gig drivers to earn extremely low wages. Jersey is an expensive place to live and drivers will therefore need to be paid accordingly. Jersey taxis are more expensive than people would perhaps like for this reason.

  • Posted by JerseyLane February 18, 2021 at 14:44

    I absolutely agree with the original comment. The current taxi service is outdated and in order to stay competitive, taxi drivers need to integrate the use of technology within their service. Taxi drivers may be angry about Jersey Lifts affecting their business, but they could actually learn a lot from how they operate.

    Aside from the introduction of Uber into the Island, what is most needed is the use of technology by the current taxi service. Each taxi company should have a mobile app that Islanders can use to book, track and pay for taxis. Prices should be able to be agreed on the app, prior to the journey to avoid highly inflated fare costs. This will help promote transparency and reliability of the Island's taxi services.

    Islanders, particularly young islanders, will not change their taxi use habits unless the taxi service change theirs, be this the need for technology and more realistic fare costs. If fares were reduced, it is likely that the service would be more widely used and therefore drivers would not miss out on payment opportunities.

    It's 2021 - technology should have been integrated years ago. Taxi drivers cannot complain about change if they aren't willing to change themselves.
  • Posted by TheResearcher February 19, 2021 at 18:10

    Almost 2 years ago I proposed to States of Jersey and JEC that the La Collette car park be set up as an Electric Taxi only charging park. I believe that if this was done, a lot of Taxi driver would swap to pure EV's.

    This car park is right in front of the old power station, it is right next to the JEC's own car park for the power station. This is where the power links from France are connected, and from the EfW power plant, so there is absolutely LOADS of power available there. The highest power chargers could be used (150kW to 350kW each), making charging times very low, and allowing drivers to buy cars with bigger batteries and the fastest charging rate.

    Across the road is a café where drivers can get coffee and food while their car is charging. After charging, the cars just go back along Pier Rd to join the rank, simple.

    Limiting the car park to Taxi's only gives confidence to Taxi drivers that they will be able to charge there, and chargers won't be blocked by the public, or by fossil fuel cars.

  • Posted by greybeard February 22, 2021 at 16:34

    I agree with RachelStPeter about not introducing an Uber-like service, I don't see how that helps with the environmental impact of taxis / car use .

    Better perhaps to introduce an incentive to encourage all taxi drivers to get hybrid /electric vehicles, increase EV charging points, even subsidise taxi fares in some way to encourage people to use taxis rather than own their own vehicles?
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