Island Plan ; The Elephant in the Room

Much is written and spoken about private car use by well meaning Islanders. Some Islanders go as far as to demand that car ownership should be restricted. The elephant in the room is the Island Plan of the Government. It is carefully constructed to avoid any public discussion about commercial traffic. In the current plan the word 'car' is referred to numerous times, but the word 'commercial vehicle' is never used, and the word 'lorry' only once. The underlying reason for this is the official Plan policy to enable the setting up of any business on farms. It is perfectly permissible to set up a wholesaling business on the north coast, import all goods through the harbour, get deliveries in big trucks, then distribute all over the Island in vans. The policy is causing exising retail businesses to move from established retail areas to farms. Rural employment is a lie since Jersey Employment Law does not allow discrimination in favour of a person living close by. The Plan does not contain any provision for the creation of dedicated commercial areas, where businesses should be established. Commercial estates are a common feature in the UK and in European countries. The effect of this elephant is commercial traffic all over the Island, car traffic all over the Island and urban-rural commuting.

Why the contribution is important

Effective reduction of traffic and pollution is only possible when the Government is more even handed in the creation of plans, policies and laws when it comes to climate change. The Government is insincere when it tries to shame the ordinary well meaning Islander in feeling guilty. The Government should instead identify suitable sites near the developed areas, on the Primary Route Network, and change the use of the sites into commercial land for businesses.

by sylvainforet on February 16, 2021 at 10:53AM

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