It’s time to allow electric scooters in Jersey

The question asked this week is 'are there better ways to travel around Jersey'. Too often in these conversations I've noticed everyone focuses on electric cars and electric bikes. But there is a glaring omission in that of electric scooters.

The simple fact is countries and islands all around the world have embraced such modes of transport long before we are even beginning talk about it. France, Germany and Italy being just a few examples. If we are to discourage people from using cars and help with the climate emergency, we should be welcoming as many environmentally friendly alternatives as possible. Many people who use electric scooters use them for commuting purposes and use them safely and respectfully. Commuting cyclists breeze past electric scooter riders as their top speed is not high. They are also seen as a fun way to get out into the fresh air, not everyone wants or is physically able to get on a bike and pedal.

We are lucky to have decent cycle lanes and routes around much of the island, so we already have safe and viable paths for electric scooters to utilise.

Unfortunately we keep hearing that such transport doesn't comply with our road traffic law from 1956! Well there's a surprise! Instead of quoting the law, departments such as the States of Jersey Police and Honorarys should be working with Infrastructure Department to update the law. 

There is also a great opportunity here for people to start up businesses based around electric scooter hire, much like we have with Evie electric bikes. These services are operating successfully all over the world, and we should be endorsing anything that helps the islands economy especially in such times as this. 

There are of course issues to overcome with regard to road safety, should helmets be worn, reflectors and bell, insurance etc, but let's start this conversation at least and this is the week to do it! 


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Electric Scooters are a very popular and eco friendly mode of transport globally and should be included in any transport conversations that Jersey has. Unfortunately I'm not seeing this happening so far. This IS the perfect time to have the conversation and for the government to listen.

by Keith on February 19, 2021 at 12:42PM

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  • Posted by brucecarnegie February 19, 2021 at 19:48

    @ Keith
    Really valid points. I'd add that if people wanted to use electric scooters for recreational and commuter purposes (and as you've pointed out users exercise responsibility with helmets etc and a regard for other path / road users), then it's incumbent on government to allow and facilitate this.
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