King of the road

The States (now unfortunately known as the unimaginative sounding " Government of Jersey" ) have grappled with the problems of transport and motor vehicle congestion for many years. Impressive looking reports and policy documents have been drawn up at considerable expense and then ignored and left on a shelf somewhere to gather dust. 

Here in Jersey the motor car and van are king of the road and we are all addicted to this mode of transport. Our island has become infested with 4x4  and high performance vehicles that are totally out of place on our small roads. Until we all decide that we are prepared to give up these shallow status symbols nothing much will change. 

The recent construction of cycle/footpaths may be well intentioned but are having an unintended consequence. By moving pedestrians, cyclists and others of the roads we are giving the motor car priority and motorists the impression that the roads are solely for their use. It would be far better to have mixed road use and calm the traffic.

Walking and cycling ideal forms of transport. It's about time we all did a lot more of both

Why the contribution is important

The only way to mitigate climate change will be to change our ways. Drastically!!

by TGray on February 19, 2021 at 11:21PM

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