Let's be really "out there" - Introduce self-driving cars

Fact: Self driving cars are safer than human driven cars. Waymo and Tesla between them have over a billion miles of live and simulated self-driven miles. While everyday humans are crashing and killing themselves and others.

By eliminating the human influence we can dramatically reduce deaths and injuries from car crashes (not accidents - accidents NEVER happen).

Jersey can partner with Google or Tesla to be a test bed for their cars and for self driving electric car. Hell we may even be able to get 20k free cars given to the island for everyone to use. Self driving electric cars would mean that we signficantly reduce the air pollution. Cars can be used to drop people to their destinations before then moving to their next pick up point and dropping that person to their destination and so on. Currently privately owned cars typically spend 95% of their time parked. Parked at home, at work, or in traffic. Having a fully self-driven car fleet on the island we could near on eliminate congestion, reduce air pollution dramactially (we'd still have particle pollution from tyres etc) but we would be recognised as the world's leading EV and self-driving nation. Taxi drivers wouldnt like it sadly, but then our journeys in "taxis" would be dramatically cheaper.

We wouldn't have to own cars anymore, so you'd save the cost of service (£200-600 average per year), the costs of fuel (£500-2500/yr), depreciation (£250-3000/yr), parking (£2000), insurance (£200-1000). those savings yes would be used to pay for those self driving journeys, but you would be saving money still. You'd also be saving time because while sat in he self driving car you could catch up on reading a book or doing some work.

For those workmen that need vans for their tools and woork equipment there are self driving vans available too and if the island partnered with a major supplier the costs would be cheaper than the vans you currently use.    

Why the contribution is important

Self driving is coming at some point to Jersey. Why wait. It will save lives in the massive increase in safety. It will save costs for people that can then use that money to put into the economy in other ways, it will massively reduced pollution. We can change the use of car parks to parks again and increase our green space.

Partnering with a Tesla or Google we can be the leaders and demonstrate how safely these self driving works. If they can solve for the pre-branchage lanes then they can have self driving anywhere globally.

by Chos on February 18, 2021 at 11:51PM

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  • Posted by BigAirport February 19, 2021 at 07:43

    I would be scared of getting on my bicycle or motorbike and as for walking down a country lane forget it. These things are in their infancy in dealing with our roads which are narrow with centre lines that disappear and reappear depending on road width. What about filter in turn and roundabouts, both extremely alien in America with their mind blowingly idiotic stop crossroads. As for who reverses back in a lane to the nearest passing place, don't try and write computer code for that!
  • Posted by Jerriaisjanne February 19, 2021 at 15:05

    Yes, as much as I love the idea of Jersey becoming a self-driving car test bed, there are signficant challenges on our roads. They would have to be programmed to stick to the wider roads and would need to be the sort of cars that drivers can take control of, for example at Filter in turns and on narrow lanes, but on the main roads it's a possibility.
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