Not just an environmental emergency, but also a health emergency.

Pollution and particulates from vehicles are causing a health emergency.

Here's a very recent report from the British Lung Foundation.



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With our current forms of transport we are creating a health emergency that is going to cost alot of taxpayers money to treat and have a debilitating effect on our economy (not to mention the human misery of illness caused by pollution).

It would be simple financial sense to rapidly progress away from polluting vehicle use.


by brucecarnegie on February 20, 2021 at 03:20PM

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  • Posted by Chos February 21, 2021 at 18:29

    Absolutely spot on.
    Type 2 diabetes, largely avoidable. Costs the NHS £10bn per year which is more than 20% of the health care budget. That number is estimated to be over 30% of the health care budget by 2030. That alone will mean tax payers, esp middle income will suffer the most financially from this.
    Lower income and those on income support will suffer the most from a restriction of access to health care going forward (middle and upwards have better access to private health care).
    This upcoming health care burden is the real pandemic, and is completely avoidable.

    Forbes announced rearward where twice as many deaths as previously estimated were attributable to poor air pollution.[…]/

    We have air sensors at all but one school in the island as it stands, but we are told the sensors haven’t been calibrated yet. What are the govt hiding? And the school most central to St Helier is the one that hasn’t installed a sensor. Why?

    We are sleep walking towards a health care crisis with a huge part of that avoidable through better awareness of health, reducing pollution and reducing unnecessary car traffic.

    The new hospital if it’s ever built won’t be sufficient to cope if we keep down the current path.

    Wake up people!
  • Posted by RoseAnne March 05, 2021 at 16:55

    Be like Norway and subsidise electric vehicles to the point that they cost on a par with petrol vehicles. Similarly enable people to charge them easily. All this whilst subsidising a really good bus service that genuinely meets people's travel needs so people are encouraged to cycle and take the bus much of the time thus reducing air pollution and encouraging active travel.
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