Over-reliance on private cars for transport

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It is clear that many journeys into St Helier, particularly made by commuters, are by private car with a single occupant. When the pandemic permits, there needs to be more incentive to share car journeys, and to use public transport. One way of doing this would be to charge for the privilege of single car occupancy. The technology has long existed to make this possible. Car /lift sharing apps exist, as does NPR technology. This would be a fair system, as it would very much be based on "user pays". This quote that I just came accross is very apt       “A developed country is not a place where the poor have cars. It’s where the rich use public transport.”

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We need to reduce car use, as doing so would clearly cut CO2 emissions.

by NatashaMGoJ on February 15, 2021 at 05:25PM

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  • Posted by Jerriaisjanne February 15, 2021 at 20:57

    I think there are three possible ways to help reduce the number of single-occupant vehicles travelling into town at rush hour:

    Workplaces should be required to and be given incentives to encourage carpooling schemes. If there was a neighbour near a lot of people who was also travelling into town in the morning, I'm sure most people woulddn't mind sharing petrol costs.

    The Inner Road should be made High-Occupancy Vehicles only during the morning and evening peaks. This means single-occupancy vehicles are required to use the Avenue. Alternatively part-time bus gates could be installed along the Inner Road. This would allow buses to bypass the morning West -> Town traffic. Access would be maintained for Bel Royal / First Tower residents and those accessing local businesses, such as Benest or the Roberts Garage and of course to cross the Inner Road from the Avenue to access Bellozane, Mt Cochon or Mt Felard.

    The overtaking lane of the Avenue could also be made a part-time HOV lane (so single occupant vehicles are not permitted to be in the right lane during peak times) to allow carpoolers a faster journey into town.

    Finally, the key way to do this is to increase long-term parking costs into town. The cost of short-term parking should be reduced to help support town businesses and encourage people to shop in town. Maybe 35p / 30 minutes (we now have the parking app, so there's no reason parking has to be pay by the hour any more) or maybe keep the current rates, but the first hour is free at less busy times, such as on Thursdays. However, long-term parking costs would go up. If you park in town for more than three hours, you are charged for the total time at £1.50 per hour (or something). This will encourage people to use the bus services in the morning. There could be a park+ride set up at the Goose on the Green, Mont Felard, Five Oaks and maybe somewhere out east (or even all the way out at Mont Nicolle or similar) which would have cheaper costs to encourage people to avoid driving in town.

    Furthermore, all private business parking in town should be required to pay a parking levy and pass on the costs to their employees (unless its a company vehicle for example) for their private parking space to ensure the higher-ups in businesses are also encouraged to use the bus etc.
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