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Encourage more children to walk and cycle to school. To do either needs providing safe routes to school, where car traffic is limited and restricted in speed to 15 or at most 20 mph. Bikeability courses in schools are training children to ride bikes on roads. Safe and secure storage facilities needs to be provided at both home and school ends of the journey. All new housing developments should ensure cycle routes and storage facilities are built into the designs. Parishes should designate access routes to school for pedestrian and cycle use.

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Getting children active in their travel has obvious health benefits and starts to address the fact that a large proportion of our children do not do the minimum recommended daily activity levels. More children walking and cycling reduces the number of cars on the school run with the reduction in congestion and pollution. Encouraging a more active habit of commuting in the young will then create a generation of people where active travel is the norm and this habit is then taken into adult life and the commute to work. This has considerable benefits for a more healthy population.

by Ali on February 15, 2021 at 05:01PM

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  • Posted by Jerriaisjanne February 15, 2021 at 21:03

    It's very ridiculous that the parish with the most schools is one of only two that has not got any green lanes! All parishes need to join the green lane network, and it needs to be expanded in the remainder to provide more routes - for example, in St Ouen, sometimes green lanes just end half way down a lane - it's ridiculous. St Martin gets it right - almost every lane is a green lane.

    The problem is a lot of parents drop their kids of because they're travelling into town anyway. This means we need to shift modes for adults (and the kids will follow). Anyone travelling to the town schools from the town area, Georgetown or Five Oaks really doesn't need to use their cars. Plus Les Quennevais has safe cycle links all around St Peter and St Brelade (all the way to town). The only Les Q students with an excuse really are the ones who live in St Ouen, St Mary or down in the bay (which don't have great safe connections, but do have school bus routes).

    A key problem is the school bus network is rather convoluted and very busy. For example, the route for St John from the St Saviour schools goes all the way up through Trinity first. If I were to do that route in my car I'd probably go up Mt Felard or Queen's Road.
  • Posted by Ellie February 16, 2021 at 06:47

    I completely agree with this. I know that Cycle4Jersey are trying to work with parishes to make make cycling routes to schools, but there are some schools where this is proving difficult and wider government action is needed.
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