Some ideas for safe cycle infrastructure

I just have a few ideas for safe cycle infrastructure that the Government should consider. If you have any ideas that might make you cycle more or make your journey more convenient, add them in a comment as well. The idea is to come up with feasible and deliverable routes in the medium-term.

  • West island cycle route - This route we would expect and should encourage high numbers of cycles (could help resolve the traffic disaster around Beaumont) From Beaumont to the town centre, there should be a London-style "cycle superhighway" - there is the space for this. This could be delivered by moving the lay-by parking to a small section of the Lower Park (which seems hardly ever used) and develop a St Aubin's Bay promenade park (with lots of green space, more cafés, a fast segregated cycle lane and wider footpath for pedestrians too). 
  • Eastern cycle route - We need the Government to publish a strategy to actually deliver this route, detailing the phasing, funding requirements and estimated achieveable dates to provide a safe cycle route along the old route of the Eastern Railway. This way we can encourage those from Gorey all the way to Samares to ditch the car and cycle in to work, and provide a safe walking route in areas that aren't currently too nice to walk in, such as the Grouville Coast Road. This needs to include 'last mile' measures to get cycles safely from FB to the 20mph zone.
  • Town cycle improvements - We should redevelop streets in town to allow cycle contraflow and develop "cycle streets" like they have in the Netherlands. On these roads, shared spaces is in operation cycles and pedestrians have full access, but drivers do not. I think this could be implemented in the area east of the West centre and south of the Ann court development to connect to the cycle route through to Springfield. Furthermore, Oxford Road should have its main direction reversed to discourage people using it as a rat run. On a wider scale in town, more zebra crossings (and less pelican crossings) should be provided to give pedestrians real priority over vehicular traffic.
  • Missing rural cycle links - We're missing a number of cycle links, for example, St Martin into town, St John into town, Trinity into Town. For example, a new cycle/footpath (similar to St Peter's Valley) could be constructed along Grands Vaux (between the reservoir and Rue du Moulin de Bas). This would unlock a new safe cycle route from town to Trinity village and create a new country park style area, allowing new generations to enjoy Grands Vaux. Furthermore, cycle paths/lanes should be provided to link Sion Village to Rue du Maupertuis green lane (there is space along the West of the road to Surville Cemetry). A further link should be provided up to St John's village (such as a link along the south of the new housing development by the school). A link from Rue du Pont in St Ouen to La Preterie in St Peter would only be short but provide a safe waiting point for the bus stop and a safer route to school (avoiding the need to turn right across a blind bend on a 40mph road). Finally, a link from Rue de Poitirons green lane in St Martin to the St Martin's village green. This would provide a safe route to school for Maufant children and a safe way for parents to take their kids to the park. Also allow people to walk to the shops (the coop in Maufant or the M&S or pub in St Martin).

Why the contribution is important

Cycling is important, and we need to construct safe cycling routes. The best way? Community participation. People know the routes they cycle and walk daily and how those routes can be improved for them, by providing a forum for people to suggest routes and infrastructure improvements, we can develop a proper strategy to support road safety and active travel in our island.

This thread is a possible first forum for this, but the Government should develop a participatory mapping programme to allow people to suggest improvements: be that new paths, a new crossing or simply a sign reminding people to slow down. Glasgow did a similar thing with their Spaces for People map:

The ideas we need to make change won't come from the Infrastructure offices, but from the people who walk and cycle the routes every day. They see the challenges that the current infrastructure presents, and they can come up with the innovative ideas that will help to change them.

by Jerriaisjanne on February 18, 2021 at 12:52PM

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  • Posted by EVie February 18, 2021 at 14:46

    A very well thought through piece of work. Many thanks for it!

    When Rob Ward submitted his proposition ([…]/) we messaged to congratulate him. His response was instructive: don't expect anything to happen any time soon. We all need to keep the pressure up so it does.
  • Posted by Jerriaisjanne February 18, 2021 at 15:59

    I think one way to make change happen is to get people talking about it. Let people express in an open forum the places that make them feel uncomfortable due to the motor car, the limits they feel cars put on their life (traffic, noise/air pollution and a lack of safety) and contribute ideas for change in their own life. That way the Government can see the need for changes to promote road safety.

    I think we have got a Government that cares about road safety and good placemaking, which is something that not everywhere has got, but they need to take real action and committ some real money to investment in infrastructure.
  • Posted by Chos February 19, 2021 at 16:00

    You have some great ideas.
    We would love to hear from you at Cycle 4 Jersey
    Please get in touch on

    Thank you
  • Posted by EVie February 19, 2021 at 18:20

    @jerriasjanne - we too would like to make contact. Maybe we already have! Please could you contact me at
  • Posted by ianblack February 20, 2021 at 07:58

    There are some excellent suggestions here.
     A cheap way of creating rural cycle routes to town might be to designate existing lanes 'access only for residents and delivery vehicles', set a 15 mph speed limit, and install street furniture to ensure compliance
  • Posted by Jerriaisjanne February 20, 2021 at 17:32


    That sounds along the lines of Deputy Ward's proposals. Unfortunately the lanes heading into town often end before they actually reach town and have sections that you can only access via busy main roads (I don't think there are any continuous lanes from town to the northern parishes).

    I hope all the parishes (even the ones that aren't supportive of green lanes like Trinity and St S.) create some of those designated lanes. One already exists out in St Peter by St Peter's Garden Centre, but isn't a green lane for some reason.
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