Personally I believe people in Jersey need to think seriously about the environment and others before themselves. It is ridiculous so many people feel it is a basic necessity to use a high fuel disel four wheel drive or high performance sports car. There are many alternative forms of transport. Further this is unesscary for Jersey as sports cars are for motorway driving and high speeds (last time I checked we can only in most cases drive up to 30 mph). Four wheel drives are for mountainous environments or for farm/industry workers. It is completely idiotic to use such a mode of transport. The roads should be made safer for cyclists and pedestrians. Further electric cars should be encouraged or given a government subsidy. If you would like to own a high energy intense car then you should be taxed on it. 

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by cmccarthy on March 08, 2021 at 11:56PM

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  • Posted by MGreen77 March 09, 2021 at 14:01

    I get where you are coming from but we own a large car (which is ULEZ compliant). When you can only have one car you want it to be as flexible as possible for trips with family abroad etc. This means they might not be entirely suitable for Jersey but environmentally far better people have one car that fulfils all their needs than several for different purposes which would also be unaffordable for most.
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