Work from home to be the norm

As someone who owns multiple vehicles the single thing that has made me drive/ride less is working from home and from Covid-19 working from home seems to have had a huge implication on daily commutes island wide.


Why the contribution is important

Reducing the reason to drive at the source is the only universal, fair and achievable approach to make a big impact on road use. By encouraging working from home and local shops delivering we can reduce the reasons to use a car etc.

Many islanders also enjoy driving / riding and have lifestyles which are suited to multiple cars (a smart car is great for daily use but isn't practical for taking two kayaks to the beach). By reducing the reasons to drive it also affects this cohort fairly as taxation on second vehicles or engine size etc unfairly penalises some while making no difference to those who are well off. 

by Steve321588 on February 18, 2021 at 06:27PM

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